Day After

Well, I lost my notes so I guess I'll wing it. Overall, it was a good night, better for some than for others. Paula was in rare form which is always fun! I think the opening segment was WAY too long. Considering most of us didn't know who the two guests were. Songwriters are great but not well know to most people. Before you get up in arms, I'm just telling it like it is. David Foster may have written every song known to man (except those written by David Alan Coe) but, unless he sang it too, most of us don't know him. Anyway, back to Idol.

Kat was first up and looked fabulous!! She sounded excellent as well. Was she as good as Whitney? No, but I didn't feel she was trying to be. I was floored by what the judges said! I thought it was way harsh which will probable work in her favor. All the Kat fans were dialing like crazy at the end of the show!

Next was my Elliott! He looked fantastic and sounded even better! The judges gave him a ton of praise which worried me. I hope that all the Elliott fans weren't lulled into a sense of security! I voted my ass off!

Oh what a night! Kellie bombed..again! I was so bored during the whole thing I fell asleep. Just kidding! I was too excited that she sucked so hard again! The judges agreed. Randy said the only good note was the really high one and I agree. Paula said that she hasn't improved and Simon called it the never ending song. I hope that Kellie fans were pissed at her for sucking so bad twice and decided not the vote. Oh please, oh please!! OH! What was up with that hair!!!!!

Taylor had an off night. I think he might have been sick. When I sing and don't feel well, I hold my chest on the tough notes and it seems that Taylor was doing that as well. The judges were kind considering. He will be in the top three again thanks to his fans.

Paris didn't do it for me tonight. I think it was the whole smiling thing that through me off. It's not a happy song but she performed it like it was. I think this is an age thing and not understanding how to perform a love song.

The pimp spot was given to Chris. I think in an effort to keep him out of the bottom three. It succeeded, he won't be there tonight! He was great and got great reviews. I think we have a winner! The writing has been on the wall for a while but it was underlined last night!

I haven't check DailIdol yet but I will as soon as I post this!

I predict that Paris will go home tonight but, God willing, it will be Kellie!

Take Care!

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