I know, just what we need! ANOTHER person talking about AI. Well, all I can say is:

My name is Kristi
And I’m an AI-oholic

Everybody: “Hi, Kristi!”

I’m not sure how this happened. I started watching AI in Season 3. Before that I was too much of a snob to watch and thought it was just “so pedestrian!” I couldn’t be bothered! Flash forward a few years and here I am, hopelessly addicted to what is turning out to be the worst season of AI, talent-wise, yet! I can’t explain it! I spend at least an hour or two a day reading my favorite blogs to get more AI. My husband thought I would going insane when AI was cut back to ONLY two days a week! I still miss that third day! * sigh * Anyway, during seasons 3 and 4 I was happy to wait until Tuesday for AI and I was equally happy on Wednesday but the rest of the week, I didn’t give AI a thought. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME? I have at least 10 bookmarks that I check everyday and, when there’s nothing new there, I search for new sites to bookmark.
I blame my Yahoo! homepage! One day a link to an AI blog popped up and I was asked if I wanted to add it to my content. I thought, what could it hurt? It’s just one little link – it’s wafer thin! I swear! “It seemed like a good idea at the time” will be on my headstone!
Enough about that, I’m sure I’ll come back to it again.

Now, on to my Idol-Thoughts!
I can’t say I’m too excited about anyone at this point but here are my thoughts in a nut shell in no particular order.

Ace – Can someone tell him that Boy Band Idol would be more his speed?!?! Maybe we can send him back to the 90’s. “Do I Do” was Bad so Bad! I love that song and hardly recognized it. And what was with that whole scar thing last time! I thought I was going to barf! The puppy dog gaze into the camera makes me roll my eyes every time. Then again, I never did like him. I’m not in to the “Pretty Boy” types, never have been.

Kellie – Is America still buying her act? I think we all know by now that she has been on TV before performing and besides, no one can be that stupid…I hope not anyway. I thought I would cry when she did Patsy. I live in Winchester, VA, Patsy’s hometown, where she is queen! To have that no-talent ass-clown sing one of the Sacred Songs was too much!

Paris – I loved her during auditions! I thought she was going to be the Next American Idol. Then…nothing. She just has not performed up to her audition on a regular basis. The odds are better that she’ll perform at a standard level and not blow our socks off like I was hoping that she would. She is still cute! She needs to be careful. She was on the annoying edge when she was singing at Ryan that one time she did well so she better be careful. (I had a co-worker that sang at me once…they never did find her!)

More tomorrow!! I have appointments to take care of!!!

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