AI in Review...or...Why am I still watching?

It's been a long season so far and I'm late coming into the blogging game but I'll do my best! The past few shows have been a let down talent-wise and I don't think that this Tuesday's show is going to be any different. I won't be surprised if:

Taylor phones it in again

Chris sings an alt-rock version of something

Kellie dons her best countrified twang and acts stupid

Ace stares into the camera with those puppy-dog eyes and makes me barf (please don't pull open your shirt again!!!)

Bucky sings something and we don't understand a word

Elliott sings very well but isn't very exciting (is it just me or are the stylists working overtime on him? If so, keep up the good work!)

Katharine is cute and sings well but, like Elliott, not very exciting

Paris sings something that has the potential to be great but falls flat

I'm predicting that the pimp spot will go to Chris this week (but I am hoping that Elliott get it!) since the theme was picked just for him. I also think that Elliott, Katharine and Paris need to do all they can to pul out the performance of a life time if they want to stay in. They are the weak links at this point. I would LOVE to see Ace leave but I don't think that will happen this week (unless he does "Do I DO" that's going to happen!).

Another thing that I've noticed is that the band is too loud! Last week during Katharine's song, I could only understand the "Bringing out the Elvis in me" part and nothing else so I'm not sure what that guy was doing to bring out the Elvis. And what does that mean anyway? Does he make you want to start doing drugs and die on the john?

Last post I talked about Ace, Kellie and Paris so I better jump to getting to the rest of them. But I have something to get off my chest first and I will try not to talk about it again.

Why did they choose Pickler to pimp? Don't they know that they can change their minds and de-pimp her like they did with Mandisa? I don't understand how she keeps getting so many votes. I know that would like to take the credit but considering the "good job" they did with Kevin, I don't think that explains it. Besides, her numbers have been way up there since the beginning. You could blame it on her sad tale of woe about her so-called bad family life and I think that's partly to blame but Melissa McGee's story was just as sad if not sadder not that anyone outside the blogging world would know that. It seems that the producers picked her from the beginning and have been doing all they can to pimp her. They give her tons of air time, a lead in the funky car commercial last week, one on one time with Ryan, time to make any stupid comment she wants to, and they bury anyone's story that might take the votes away from her. I don't think the voting is rigged but the producers sure know how to push America's buttons to get the results they want!

I feel better! Now, where was I? Oh yeah, Ace, Kellie and Paris - done!

Let's start with the ones who are already gone starting with Melissa. I liked Melissa. I think I like her because I didn't know much about her until the top 12 and I, of course, loved her voice. I'm pretty sure that if the producers had picked her to pimp, we would know all about her parents being in jail 20-30 times and how they all found Jesus but no! America didn't know jack and thus, didn't vote for her. AI may claim to be a search for the best singer but it's not. They are building a whole marketing package around one or two people and that takes time. The contestants that don't get picked to go all the way from the beginning are doomed. I think it says a lot that Melissa made it as far as she did!

The next to die was Kevin Covais. I think every year the producers pick someone that very young, can sing, but doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of making it all the way. Even with the help of Vote for The Worst, Kevin couldn't make it to the tour. I'm not sure if pretending he was a sex symbol helped him. I think he should have acted embarrassed instead. The Grandma's wouldn't have let him down and we'd have another John Stevens on our hands.

Then there was poor little Lisa Tucker. She should be in a Disney show...oh, wait! She was! I think she can sing but I never saw her as an idol. I'm sure she will have a great career with Disney where her personality won't come across as annoying.

The saddest elimination in my book was Mandisa. I couldn't believe that the person with the most talent was gone! And judging from their reaction, the audience couldn't either. They, along with the rest of America, didn't know what to do! I was floored. Not that I thought Elliott should go or Paris for that matter. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it's not cool to sing about Jesus on national TV. I think she lost momentum with the song and, combined with the lack of air time and the producers de-pimping her, it signaled the end (a very quick end). She already had a job offer from Barry Manilow so she will do fine. Maybe go into gospel with Reuben.

Chris is one of the contestants that have been pimped the most by the producers and I feel that they are pushing for him to win. It's time that a white boy won and Chris fits the bill. He's a great singer, has already had a ligit job offer from Fuel, is a family man, and is not a bit hard on the eyes. I melted last week when he sang. I don't remember what the song was about but I remember thinking that his wife was a very lucky woman!! I also loved "Walk the Line" and I don't care if it was a version from Live or not.

Someone needs to explain to me how Bucky got this far. The boy can hardly speak let alone sing. He's trying the whole "I'm just a good old country boy thing" and I guess that's working for him. The whole sweet tea thing was a little much. You can add sugar to your own tea dumbass! I think he'll stick around for a little while longer. The producers want their chosen ones to have an easy time so they'll try to keep Bucky around for the easy kill towards the end.

Now for Elliott, the only underdog left. I LOVE an underdog!! I like Elliott and Mandisa for the same reasons, they both can sing extremely well and they are both underdogs, Mandisa for her weight and Elliott for his looks. The stylists have been doing an outstanding job on Elliott, I think someone back stage likes him! He does suffer from the same problem that Mandisa did, not enough exposure! The producers are pimping their favs and leaving the rest behind. I think Elliott might be in trouble this week unless he has a very exciting performance or he get the pimp spot (which is highly unlikely). I'll keep voting for you Elliott!

I'm not sure what to think about Katharine. The girl can sign but she's not getting the attention she deserves (at least not that I can think of). She can sing circles around Kellie yet you couldn't tell it by the judges comments. I think she may be going sooner rather than later because she would be still competition for Kellie if she make it too much further. She needs to sing sexy, slow songs in order to melt all the men's hearts (or another body part that's a bit lower).

Last, but not least, is Taylor. Another one that the producers want to be in the finals. I love Taylor but have been disappointed by him a few times, most recently last week. I can't believe he just phoned it in! He sang the wrong words and put nothing of himself into the performance. I've heard rumors that he was sick or that it was a last minute song change due to legal reasons but I'm not so sure. I think Taylor might have figured it out. He's not going to win. He will make it to the top three no matter what he does so he might as well save up his energy for when it really counts.

Well, there it is in a nut shell. By the way, I need serious help. I think AI is taking over my life!!!

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