I can see the finish line!  

We're down to the wire, people! Our time together is getting short and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I won't have to blog about this show again!! Celllllll-a-brate Good Times, Come on!

We're down to the final three, Casey, Crystal and Lee. I'm pretty sure everyone things that Crystal and Lee are going to be the final two because I do too. There is a little part of me that hopes Casey can make it in there. He's so purty! Sine there are only three tonight, I'm expecting them to do two songs. Remember when they would do three?

Casey got the deadman's spot so he's history. Bummer. I haven't heard this song before but I think it suits Casey. Kind of a blues-y rock vibe. Randy wanted to hear something unique but didn't. Ellen makes jokes. Kara faults the song choice. Simon calls it a salad and a dud.

I'm going to get me some strawberries!

Crystal is borrowing another song from my karaoke song list. I'm not sure if the harmonica was such a good idea. It gets in the way. I liked it but it wasn't anything exciting. Randy didn't like the arrangement (me neither) but he did like the vocal. Ellen thinks Melissa would be proud. Kara agrees with the "GUYS" again. Simon didn't think it was a stunning version of that song.

Lee is singing "Simple Man". Do I know this? I guess I'll find out. OH! Yeah, I know this! Good song. Is it just me or is this the best Lee has ever sounded? I'm liking this! Best out of the three so far. He actually looks like he should be up there. Randy thinks Lee feels like he could win it. I think I'll have to agree with Randy. Ellen makes funny again. Kara has really bad hair again. Simon calls it on the money and thinks Lee crushed the other two. To be honest, there really wasn't much to crush.

Randy and Kara picked a John Mayer song for Casey. This is putting me to sleep. Sorry, Casey. I don't think Vote for the Worst can save you after that. If it wasn't so cold in here, I would be asleep. BTW, what happened to the sun? I miss it! Randy thinks the song fit him like a glove. Ellen called it beautiful. Kara thinks he did a good job. Simon thinks it was a better song choice than his first one.

Ellen picked "Maybe I'm Amazed" for Crystal. She was pretty good, as always but she didn't beat Lee. Lee really doesn't need to sing another song tonight. Randy liked it as did Ellen. Kara thinks she pushed. Simon thinks Crystal showed that she has soul.

Lee is singing a song that should be banned. Simon understates it by saying that "we've heard this song before." I'm sure the judges are going to love it. They always do. OMG! They are pulling out all the stops for Lee. Stings and a chorus...is that even fair? I'm done.

They are pushing Lee to win the whole thing for some reason. It will be Lee and someone else next week with Lee winning it all. Stupid.

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But Glee took the bad taste out of my mouth that Idol left. NPH and MM dueting! Lea and Idina dueting! Les Miz! The return of Jonathan Groff! GLEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I'm with you on the looking forward to the end of this season. Only three more episodes to recap and we're done!

I'm freaking sick of "Hallelujah" too. Such an overrated song.

BeckEye has a link that reports that Simon owns the rights to "Hallelujah", which might have figured into why he picked it: He's paying himself by choosing it for Lee.

That seems like a conflict of interest, but that's never stopped Idol before.