It's a Party in the usa...great.  

Good evening everybody! It's Tuesday and the wonderful weather we've been having for the past week is HISTORY! It is cold and damp outside and extra cold INSIDE. I'm so glad we're moving! I can't wait to have control over the temperature in our apartment. It seems like such a simple thing. 16 days until the move.

Here's some random items for my faithful readers.

1. My blog looks like crapola in Firefox for some reason. Looks fine in Chrome and Explorer. If any of you have a fix for this, I'm all ears.

2. Castle (the TV show that stars Nathan Fillion AND a friend of mine from high school - Jon Huertas) beat CSI: Miami last night!!! It was a really good episode. Part two is on next week.

3. I've been watching old episodes of Reba and ran across on that had Kelly Clarkson as the guest star! If you haven't seen it, you have to watch this clip from the end of the show.

Makes me miss Paula.

4. I am REALLY freezing and I don't want to do this tonight. grumble grumble grumble

5. The "mentor" for this evening is Miley Cyrus. Shouldn't they have someone that can sing? I guess that requirement went out the window last week when they had Ke$ha as one of the guest performers. Seriously, "Blah, blah, blah" was HORRIBLE! What was up with that headdress?

6. I just noticed that the new blogger editor doesn't have a spell check button. What the hell I'm I suppose to do??

7. Tim, the original Vote for the Worst pick, has a chance to make the tour! I think this would be the first time for their original pick to make the tour. Let me know if I'm wrong about that. And don't bring up Sanjaya, he wasn't their original pick that year, it was Sundance (remember him?).

Well, the show starts soon.

This is American Idol!

The kids will be singing Billboard #1's - I thought it was suppose to be Teen Idols? Whatever.

Lee - "The Letter" - 1-866-436-5701 - Good song to open the show with! I really like this song. Lee sang it well but I'm not sure if I'd vote for him. He didn't use the stage to his advantage and seem almost scared to move. This might be the first time he's been on the Idol stage without his guitar. Go back to the guitar, Lee. Also, there were moments when his dance moves reminded me just a smidge of Taylor Hicks. Randy "you know what's cool" Jackson says he knocked it out of the box. Ellen go on and on about her favorite pen. Hey! Kara is wearing blue! Didn't I say she should wear blue this week? HA HA! Simon is surprised that Lee picked that song. Simon, did you miss the fact that the guy that wrote the song died very recently? Maybe that's why Lee picked it. It's been played every time Alex Chilton is mentioned. Simon also says it didn't define Lee as a contemporary artist.

Paige - "Against All Odds" - 1-866-436-5702 -  Come on, Paige. Really? HOW many songs did you have to pick from? Do you WANT to go home? Okay, she is really pitchy! She wants to go home. Why else would she sing this song, this badly. I have no idea. I think she might cry. She hit a few good notes but too many, many bad ones. She should go home. Randy says it was terrible, honestly terrible. Ellen says she didn't fall in the heels. Kara's hair looks better. Mariah sang this song? Kara calls it the worst of the season. Simon asks Paige how she thought she did and she didn't cry. I would have. Simon says it was all over the place.Simon and Kara both say that she stopped competing weeks ago and they are right. I felt that after the first week.

Tim - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - 1-866-436-5703 - I love Queen! This is not my favorite Queen song but it will do. He slid across the floor! Now he's in the mosh pit. He is living it up!! Come on, America! Vote for this crazy little kid called Tim! Not the best but Paige was the worst so he's good. Randy calls the vocals boring (he's right). Ellen says it felt like an audition for High School Musical. Kara thinks little girls will love it. Simon says it was pointless and silly. I still want him to make the tour. LOL

Aaron - "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" - 1-866-436-5704 - How cute! Aaron has a crush on Miley. Awww! He gets the fog/smoke machines. He is REALLY nervous and you can hear it in his voice. Tonight feels like Karaoke Night at the Apollo. It's good karaoke but it's still karaoke. Randy says there was some pitch issues but that he sang. Ellen jokes that he's in third grade! LOL! Kara calls it the best song choice of the night. BTW, her hair looks better than it did last week. Simon calls it brave. All judges remind us that Aaron is sick.

Crystal - "Me and Bobby McGee" - 1-866-436-5705 - Why does she alway pick songs I sing?? I guessing that I'm going to like it. Boy she makes this look easy! Best of the night by a MILE! If she doesn't win, it will be a shame! I'm buying whatever she is selling! My only complaint was that we saw way too much of her teeth. Randy calls her a star and says she slayed it! Ellen doesn't make any sense with her comments on this one. Kara  chats with Crystal about stuff. Simon says he wouldn't change anything! He also says that, up until now, it's been Karaoke night.

Mike - "When a Man Loves a Woman" - 1-866-436-5706 - He can sing, I'll give him that but he's just not my type of singer. I'm bored. And what is with the open shirt with the chains? All I could think of was Chef from South Park. Randy doesn't think it was his best vocal but he know who he is. Ellen thought it was a safe choice, like driving the speed limit. Kara felt it was boring and loungey. Damn her! She's right. Simon calls it too much and old.

I've caught up with real time. Poop! Now I have to watch commercials.

Andrew - "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - 1-866-436-5707 - What is up with the pompadour? He needs to go. He was better than Paige and Tim but he still needs to go away. Yucky! Me no likey at all! Randy doesn't think is was good either. Ellen doesn't think it was enough to earn new votes. Kara feels bad for him. She thinks that "Straight Up" is messing with him. Simon thinks "Straight Up" was overrated. Simon also thinks that Andrew sucked the soul out of that song.

I laughed at every single little clip they showed of Glee! I can't wait for Glee to be back!

Katie - "Big Girls Don't Cry" - 1-866-436-5708 - OH! This is the Fergie version! I thought she was doing Paul Anka! Fergie makes more sense. Is she a little sharp? On a night of bad performances, she did enough to make it on the tour but it wasn't outstanding. Randy calls it sharp. I was right! Ellen thinks it was her best performance. Kara thinks it was a good choice and thinks it was her vibe. Simon says something about chalk and cheese. Huh??

Katie, Miley is so not going to hang with you.

Casey - "Power of Love" - 1-866-436-5709 - Huey Lewis? Really? I had a cousin that came to visit once and play my Huey Lewis tape NON-STOP for the entire week. I still HATE Huey Lewis and the News because of that. Casey seems like he's just phoning it in right now. I think with the other EXTREMELY crappy performances tonight, he knows he is safe. He's right. He's on the tour. Randy thinks he did it well. Ellen wasn't a fan of the song choice but calls it the best vocal of the night!!! Seriously, Ellen? Did you not HEAR Crystal? I like Ellen but why did they let Paula go? They should have given her whatever she wanted. Kara thinks he's on another level and ready to make records. Simon doesn't know what Kara is talking about and compares it to watching an 80's cover band.

Didi - "You're No Good" - 1-866-436-5710 - On a night like tonight, Didi finds herself in second place in my book. The beginning was a little shaky but she loosened up when she started singing to the bas player. After that she started having fun and it showed. I enjoyed it. Randy loved the idea but calls it pitchy. Ellen didn't get the song choice. Kara says it didn't feel like her. Simon didn't like it either and I think the audience is going to lynch him. Well, I liked it!

Siobhan - "Superstition" - 1-866-436-5711 - Well, I was thinking "Good, she won't be screaming on this song". Just then, she screams. I guess she thinks "If it worked for Adam Lambert, it will work for me." She might be right but I'm still on the fence. I thought she was doing really good until the ending scream/glory note. I'm sure many will call it the best of the night but I'm putting her firmly in second place behind Crystal (sorry, Didi). Randy thinks she's fearless and he's happy she sang that song. Ellen wants more. Kara loves that she expresses herself. Simon thinks some people will love it but most will not. He says tonight was not good overall. He's way right.

Going on tour for sure: Crystal, Big Mike, Siobhan, Katie, Aaron, Didi, and Casey

In danger of missing out on the big bucks: Tim, Paige, Andrew and Lee (only because he went first)

My favorite was Crystal followed by Siobhan, Didi and then Casey. They rest could all go home tomorrow and I wouldn't care one bit.

What about you?

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Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Didi was good! Also, the line about Chef from South Park made me laugh!

Re:'s funny, I was sitting there going, "Is she flat or sharp?" Sometimes it sounded like she was under and other times not. I finally decided it was sharp, and Randawg confirmed it for me too. :)
Glad he's finally good for something.



In a world where Idol fans disagree on just about everything, there seems to be near universal consensus on two things:

1. Paige was the worst of the night.

2. Siobhán needs to stop screeching.

I think a couple of the singers were playing it safe (Mike, Casey, Crystal) because they don't want to pull an Andrew/Melinda and peak too early.