First Results  

I'm running late.

Max and Kayla are safe

Randi and Evan are safe

Phillip and Jeanine are safe too!!!!!

Next up are Caitlin and Jason and they are safe!

My faves are up! Melissa and Ade. They are SAFE!!!

Ashley and Kupono are next along with Paris and Tony. Paris and Tony are in danger! Ashley and Kupono are safe.

My husband is being a turd! SO I'm doing this live and can't pause a thing. I also can't rewatch the show tomorrow. I should know better. I shouldn't have asked him to stay home with me instead of going to poker. I'll know better next time. He is soooo not going to be home next Thursday!

Asuka and Vitolio are in danger!

Brandon and Janette along with Karla and Jonathan are up. One of the couples are going to be in DANGER! And that couple is...Karla and Jonathan!

TIme for the first special guest. Awesome Tango! So fluid!

Okay, I may have to stop blogging this show. I'm watching tonight in the bedroom (no Tivo) and the HDTV is AWESOME!! OMG!!!! I can't believe the difference!

Paris is first with her solo. It was okay.
Tony is next. That was fun but not anything exciting.
Asuka is next and I found that a little strange...not sure why.
Vitolio showed great technique but it seemed a little strange as well.

After the commercial it's Karla and I liked her solo.
Jonathan is next. I didn't know he was a ballroom dancer???

Now it's the special musical guest while the judges decide who is going home.

One of the dancers for the musical guest had a Tyra would say!

The camera people need a little bit more practice.

We're back and the girls are up first. Karla is safe. It's down to Paris and Asuka and it's Paris going home.

The guys are up and the judges were not happy with the solos. Vitolio is safe. It's down to Jonathan and Tony. Tony is the one going home! Too bad, he was a cutie!

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One of the couples are going to be in DANGER! And that couple is...Karla and Jonathan!
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