I'm back!!!!  

I hope everyone was able to occupy themselves while I was away. Well, I wasn't really away, I just wasn't blogging. It's not like I didn't have anything to blog about, plenty of things happened, it's just that I had TOO many things to do and something had to give. I felt guilty for the first week or two but after that, it was easy. It's kinda like going to the gym. You go every day and you feel great. Then something happens and you miss a day. You feel bad and vow to go the next day but that doesn't happen. Pretty soon, your sitting on the couch with a bag of Funyons watching NCIS reruns without one speck of guilt.

Let's see if I can give you a CliffsNotes version of my life for the past two months.

Shortly before Thanksgiving (I think), I really started spending tons of time on Facebook. It is awesome and can suck you in just like THAT! I'm on a mission to get everyone from my highschool class there.

Thanksgiving was spent at home with my hubby while wearing a heart monitor. Don't worry, I'm fine. I had a freak arrhythmia and the doctor wanted to monitor me to see if it happened again, it didn't.

We went out and got a new 32" Plasm HDTV. It's awesome. It has a built in HD receiver so kiss my ass Comcast! You're not getting anymore money from me! It was about this time that I discovered that there was a new Guitar Hero that added drums and singing! It was at that moment that I began my quest for an Xbox 360 and Guitar Hero World Tour.

I also picked up Sims 2 for the PC for only $20.00! I started playing that whenever I could.

Most of early December was spent making Christmas gifts for everyone (and playing Sims 2 and getting on Facebook). The big hits were the photo books I made. I made three different ones (Vegas, France and Spain, and the Twins). I'll have to make a PDF and see if I can post it here. I also made jewelry for everybody. I was in a real rush at the end so I only took pictures of a few of the pieces.

Union Jack's openned in time for Christmas. It looks wonderful inside. the food is hit or miss so far.

I am still fascinated by the frozen fountain. I'm not sure if it's the from of the ice or the fact that it had to freeze so many times before they turned it off.

Christmas was spent at home with the hubby again. This time, I was sick and didn't want to infect anyone. Our dinner was TGIFridays.

The weekend after Christmas we went to Atlantic City. I did very well! I came home with enough money for....
XBox 360 and Guitar Hero World Tour

Which I have play everyday since. It's outstanding! I also did XBox live and play random people. Mostly, I am WAY older than they are. My XBox ID is winccricket incase you would like to play!

That brings me to today. I am still playing Guitar Hero everyday, I play Sims 2 about every other day, and I'm on Facebook ALL the time. We almost 60 classmates there now! All in all, I have a great routine going.

Here comes the wrench into my finely tuned after-work-slacker world, Idol starts tonight. That means live blogging will begin shortly. I'm not going to live blog the auditions because it's too random and quick. If anything good happens, like if Paula rips some of the new judge's hair out, I'll post it. Otherwise, it looks like live blogging will begin Feb. 17th with the first semi-finalists performances. I have high hopes for this year...I hope it doesn't let me down!

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Hey Kristi! Good to see my fellow "Idol" blogger! My recaps will be back this year too. Maybe this time I'll be more objective and less of a fanboy? Ehhh, probably not, but I'll do my best to be entertaining.

was wondering where you went off to! glad to see you back. never really could get into facebook. girls got the guitar hero world tour band for ps2 for christmas. stepson got rock band 2 from his mom's family which also happened to buy him the xbox 360 christmas before last. my hubs bought me a wii for xmas, and i got the wii fit just a couple of weeks ago. am enjoying that. i started another blog w a fellow blogger continuing our weight loss support on a whole new level.

i stopped watching idol about 2 yrs ago. i only watched it for 2 seasons and only because my husband wanted me to watch it with him lol watch very little t.v. really w the exception of biggest loser right now.