Dial 9-1-1!  

Monday morning at 7:30 am my cell phone started ringing. (My ring tone is "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry BTW.) It was my boss. Apparently, someone tried to break-in work Sunday night. We're not sure what time it happened but the cops called my boss at 6:00 am. Nothing was stolen but the front door was shattered.

I'm not totally down with the robbery theory. Let me tell you why. There's a bar a few doors down from us that has not been the best neighbor. The poor lady that owns the store RIGHT next to them has had to clean puke out of her doorway numerous times since they have been open. The city had to replace the trash can in front of the bar because the customers destroyed it. The window at the bar is currently broken and has already been replaced at least once. I think a drunk person from the bar broke the door. I don't care how thick the glass is, drunk people are capable of strange and wondrous things. I know, I've done a few. The big clue for me was the fact that nothing was stolen. If you look closely at the picture, you can see that Ricky (young dude inside) is standing next to a computer (I know it's old but it's still a computer). Any average thief could have grabbed that in a heartbeat. A good thief would have seen that it was an old computer and not bother with breaking in at all.

My boss thinks that we're going to get hit again. Something about break-ins happening one right after another. We shall see. I will let you know if anything else happens.

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