Rock and Roll Will Never Die  

...But if you watched last night's show, you know that the kids tried their hardest to kill it! Okay, I guess it wasn't all that bad. Do you think there will be a group sing tonight since it's not so much "group" anymore?

My keyboard work last night didn't pay off as much as I would have liked it to. I have to rethink and try again this weekend. Or just give up and get a new one. George Bush would like that. I want to use my money for Vegas not for a new computer. Good thing I don't make money using this thing. Every key seems to be working fine except for the "o" it doesn't always register. I find myself going back over each sentence and adding in the O's. So if something looks funny and is hard to read, try adding an "o"! I should have gotten the extra insurance. I'll remember that for next time.

It's 9:34 EST so I think I'll have enough recorded on Tivo so I don't have to sit through the stupid phone calls. Let's get this party started!

Ryan tells us they got 51 million votes! Does Paula have a hot date after the show?

Group sing!!! I'm going to miss Jason and his dance moves!

Judge Judy in the house!

Carly in the house.

Results part one:

They went to Vegas to see "Love" just in case you didn't know that. I want to see that show when we go there in September. Either that, Cher, or Donnie and Marie!

Results part two:
David Cook - safe

That means Syesha and Jason are the last ones standing. Since there is still over 30 minutes left in the show, it also means that we have to wait to find out who is going home. Ryan had Jason fooled with his tease. That was funny. I'm REALLY going to miss Jason.

The Ford commercial had the kids bull fighting with a Ford Mustang. The guys had some tight pants on but you still couldn't tell the men from the boys...darn! Don't tell me you didn't try to look! I'm not buying that! Ryan even looked.

Phone calls.

Maroon 5. Was that odd or was it just me? I'm not a fan.

Bo Bice. Wow! His hair got longer. I'm glad they had him on. I forgot that I voted for him for a reason. I'll be downloading that song tomorrow.

The person going home for good is...Jason. I got 20 points tonight! Along with everyone else.

We'll miss you, you goofy stoner man!! Good Luck!

Final Jason quote: "There's three songs next week. I don't know what I would have done."

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Now we get to see Jason's awkwardness on all the talk shows. He may not have been the most talented singer, but he had the funniest interview segments ever.

Jason Castro is love. Plain and simple.

I wonder who Leno will get to "tell Jason's story" in their AI-meets-Geico segment. Gene Simmons did Michael Johns', Charo did Kristy Lee Cook's...hmmmm. It would be great if the got Matthew McConaughey to dress up like Wooderson for it! But maybe they could just get Lenny Kravitz or Trey Anastasio.

I looked... and I just LOVE Jason Castro..he needed to go home, but he's just SO FLIPPING FUNNY..

I shot the Tamborine Man.. LOL..


Kristi - thanks for being the only recapper so far who questioned the greatness of maroon 5. They were AWFUL. Adam Levine sounded like Luke Menard on Helium. He would never have made it to Hollywood, much less the top 24 of Idol. But somehow he's a big star? And no one else dares to criticize him? Strange.

Hey Anon!

Thanks for stopping! I'm with you. Adam wouldn't have made it to Hollywood. I guess it just goes to show that it takes all kinds.