"We don't have to take our clothes off!"  

Wouldn't be be great if David H. actually sang that 80's song tonight? How awesome would that be! I know, I know, it's wishful thinking. I love it when VFTW is right! (Confused? Click here.) In case you were wondering, "We don't have to take our clothes off" was from 1986 by Jermaine Stewart.

The top 8 guys are on tonight and let's hope they are ON! OH!! It's live tonight! What is up with Paula's hair? It just looks odd!

Luke (5701) is up first and is sucking like a big Hoover! I'm sorry but I can't vote for him tonight. It's a bad song choice for him and not in his key. Luke, please try acting. I want to see you again. Goodbye my TV boyfriend, it was fun while it lasted. Simon is slamming him a bit too hard but I don't think that's going to make a difference. Luke, pack your bags.

Goofy Star Search Boy (5702) is singing Phil Collins and playing the piano. The lip licking thing is annoying. I'm sorry, I know a lot of people like him but I do not. I can't see him making a mark in the music industry. I see him making money but not being a superstar. Simon says "OMG! You're only 17!"

Denise Richards is in the audience tonight. What is she promoting?

OMG! I had to pause Tivo after Danny's (5703) performance! Was that OTT or what?!? (OTT=Over The Top) I like can't even like think of like what the like judges are going to like say. The dance moves with the bent wrist and hip action were too much. VFTW couldn't have asked for more!! And doing it all to "Tainted Love" was awesome!! Let's see what the judges had to say. Randy says "He's got all the mad attitude for everybody in the place!" You know it!

Stripper-David (5704) is singing a Meatloaf song that I don't believe he recorded in the 80's. According to Wikipedia, the song was first recorded in 1989 by an unknown group. I think it's pushing the limits a bit but I can overlook that. What I can't overlook is that fact that this is a Meatloaf song and should not be sung by a mere mortal! AND this was sung on the show in the best season ever (season 5) by the man himself! I must stand on principle and denounce this performance. Besides, he wasn't that great especially the lower notes.

Okay, I do not like Michael Lee Johns (5705) at all.
You all know that and it would take a bloody miracle for me to say anything good about and this song isn't it. He's taking on one of THE GREATEST 80's ballads and singing it poorly. There are some good notes but not enough to offset the bad ones. At least he got the "Hey-Hey-Hey's" right. The judges, of course, love it.

Hello David C.(5706)! I liked that! Much better then Lionel Ritchie! I'm voting for him. If you didn't see it, I suggest you go to YouTube and watch. It's excellent!!!! Truly original which is rare for American Idol! The judges loved it as well.

Jason (5707) needs to keep his eyes open. I didn't like it but I like him. Can Paula complete a sentence?!?! Damn! What is she on because I want it!! I didn't get it but he is really funny and cute...except for that nasty hair!!

Chickieze (5708) is singing a song I don't know. I thought I knew all of the 80's songs. I thought he sounded really good but I don't think he's going to get the votes to stay.

Going home Thursday: Luke and Chickieze (maybe David H. due to gay-stripper backlash)

What do you think?

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If sass and attitude is all you got, you got nothin'. Send his bent wristed butt to the house. He can watch next week's show from home with the rest of us.
He can't sing, he has no rythum, and he is just disgusting to watch.
I'll pay for his cab ride to LAX Thursday night.

I believe that it's all about entertainment and Danny is entertaining!!!

I will agree on one point, Danny may be safe because every year seems to have one contestant sneaking into the top 12 that doesn't belong. We've seen Kevin (Chicken Little) Covais, Mikalah Gordon, Joh Peter Lewis, Scot Savol and Sanjaya Malakar all stay long past their time. Danny has all the appearances of falling into this group. He may be safe and get a ticket into the top twelve at someone else's expense (Jason C, Chikeze, or David H.) only to bow out by the second week of finals competition. Sanjaya finished 6th and Scot Savol finised 5th, but I doubt if Danny will break into the top 10.

If David H. goes home, it may have more to do with not projecting a personality into his music and interviews than anything having to do with his entertainment background. According to DialIdol, he is the second lowest vote getter behind Luke. While I may not approve of his lifestyle or his pre-Idol personal behavior, he is still far more talented than Danny Noriega and deserves to stay for awhile. While FGB, as Dave the High Lord calls him, deserves to exit Thursday night. I would be willing to bet that when Danny Noriega does finally get the cab ride to LAX, he will play the "homophobic" card as the reason for his dismissal. Word to Danny, no one is afraid of you or your lifestyle, you're just annoying and not very talented. It's that simple.