Presidential Idol?

I'm a nerd. More specifically, I'm an AI nerd. Every year I decide that I'm not going to get as obsessed with AI this year as I did the year before. And every year, I fail...miserably! Why do I do it? I don't know. What I do know is that I sound like I have no life other than AI. It seems to be all I can talk about to anyone and I get mad when they don't see things the way I see them (which is the logical way). I get mad when they don't know the names of the kids in the top 24. I know most of the world just found out who they were Wednesday but I feel they should know them like I do. I think that everyone should read the 5+ blogs I read everyday and be as well informed as I am.

I just had a thought! I think the next Presidential election should be run like American Idol! Everyone tries out in stadiums around the county. Instead of singing, contestants need to do a 2 minute stump speech and answer 5 questions about current events, history, economics, health care, etc. The judges can be Arnold Schwarzenegger (guy with accent), Jesse Jackson (black guy), and a political woman hooked on Vodka and Vicodin. Some guest judges could be Ann Coulter, Jon Stewart, Chris Matthews, the Elder Bush, etc. I think we'd have to add a talent portion for excitement.

What do you think the talent would be for Hillary, Obama, McCain, and Huckabee?

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Maybe a contest like survivor, let em live like the poorest of the taxpayer for a year and let Americans be amused.

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