GH is Awesome!

Some of you may know that my husband got me Guitar Hero III for Christmas. I know, not very romantic. Screw romantic! I LOVE Guitar Hero and Will be playing it for longer than I would wear a lace teddy!!! Lace teddy = 2 secs. Guitar Hero = FOREVER. Anyway, I'm stuck on Medium and I'm getting discouraged. I found a web site that gave me hope. It took the guy 8 months to get to expert. I got 7 months to go! He also had this cartoon. For those of you that have played the game, you will know EXACTLY what this means.

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I played the original GH once a long while back. I totally get the cartoon.

Hi Kristi,

I just got my som xbox360 and GHIII for Christmas and he loves it. He alread had GHII for PS2. He also plays Rock Band at the teen center he goes to and says that is a lot of fun.

The cartoon is VERY funny.

I am waiting for xbox 360 to come out with a karaoke!

Your friend,


hahaha that is so true!