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It's American Idol night and since we are still in audition weeks I thought I'd share with you, my faithful readers (ha ha), my favorite AI sites.

The two sites I can't watch Idol without are MJ's Big Blog and Vote For The Worst (VFTW). I love them both. MJ's provides info on all things Idol during the season as well as all year long including album releases, concert dates, chart standings, and appearances. VFTW is the site some Idol views love to hate! They claim the American Idol is not about singing at all, it's about making good reality TV and enjoying a guilty pleasure. They live for making the least likely contestant to win stay on the show as long as possible. Check them out. Their recaps are priceless!

There are a number of blogs I like to check for recaps. All of these are pretty entertaining and make me laugh.
Ducky Does TV - Review a number of shows. Love him!
The Joy of Idol - three ladies sharing the joy
Idol Review
High Lord Dave's Blog - discusses other things too
GolightlyGrrl's Blog
Foxes on Idol - has a number of different commentators
Zap2Its Guide to American Idol - videos

The blog that started this obsession of mine is none other than The Woes and the Prose of an American Idol Junkie by a fan named Jennifer. This was the first blog I had seen and it got me hooked! Please stop by and say "HI"!

Chris Sligh from season six has his own blog (as I'm sure other contestants do) and I like stopping by to see what he's up to. I love his writing style and the opinions he gives. It's well worth the stop.

If you are a serious Idol fan, there is one site that you must visit before it's time to start voting. DialIdol provides free speed dialing software for voting! It allowed me to vote hundreds of times in the two hour voting window. Love it! I'm sure there will be updates before voting begins so check this site the week before. I'll remind you again.

Joe's Place, over at Idol Forums (you have to sign up first to view anything), contains spoilers for this season. Don't go there if you don't want to know what has happened in Hollywood up until this point.

I guess that about covers it. My Tivo to recording the new ep as I'm typing this so I had better get going!!!

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