Halloween Saturday

We had THE best time Saturday night! Let me tell you what happened. Mike and I started the day at a bar in West Virginia we like to go to called Piggy's. We stayed a little too long. We had a party to go to at 7pm but didn't leave the bar until 6:30. That means we got home at 7pm and still had to put on our costumes. I was going for Anna Nicole Smith.

It was my husband's idea to add the "Y" incision. I don't think I pulled off Anna Nicole but I thought it was a pretty good costume.

While I was getting ready, my husband was taking a shower. He was not dressing up...or so he told me. When he came out of the bathroom...well, here's his picture.

He decided that he was going to be my body guard for the evening. It was a wonderful surprise!

We walked to the party and stop at a little bar along the way called Stonewall. Let me tell you a little bit about this bar. It's the melting pot of lower income people. There are rednecks, Hispanics, African Americans, homosexuals, you name it, this bar has it! We found out that they were having a costume contest and a Karaoke contest that night. We wanted to stay but had that party to go to.

After a beer, we headed to the party. We had to walk through a pretty unsavory part of town FILLED with Pit Bulls. My husband hates those dogs...and their owners. (Thinks both should be shot.) Anyway, we made it to the party but there weren't many people there. The important people showed up which is good but we wanted action!

We headed back to the Stonewall and had the best time! Beer was like $1.75 all night and the place was packed! I sang a bunch of songs and did pretty good. Mike sang a couple and was insane! He ad libs to entire songs. The first song he sang was about drinking too much and the second one was mainly about turtles! Here's one of his lines. "I think I'm loosing the crowd so I like turtles and popcorn, don't you?" I was laughing so hard I was crying!

They started handing out awards for the costumes and I didn't win. Boo! But my friend, Demetria, won for funniest costume, she was a witch. Then they announced the winner of the Karaoke contest....

It was me!! I was so happy...and drunk! Shortly after that we left and started making our way home. We stopped at one more bar so I could go to the bathroom and show off my trophy! It was an excellent night and well worth the All-Day-Hangover Sunday!

PS - Does anyone know why this is called "Promotional" Fake Blood???

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You had a sexy red wedding dress? I love it!!

Too cool on winning that big huge trophy, I don't blame you for wanting to show it off. :)

daddy looks like a nazi...lol